It's that long-awaited time of year again... The Finch Report has been released. The Finch Research Network studies crops and conditions to forecast finch movement south from the Boreal forecast. Simply stated, if natural food supplies in and around the Boreal Forest are low, finch will venture further south in search of food. Birds we may see in our area include Pine Siskin, Purple Finch and Common Redpolls.

Find the nitty-gritty details here: The Finch Report

For those of you that keep an eBird list, you can probably look back to 2020 and fondly recall the flurry of Pine Siskin we enjoyed, at our bird feeders and bird baths. It was quite a show, and we really needed it then.


The coolest part of being a bird enthusiast (we think) is the possibility. We never really know what we'll see when we spend time outside. But we do know it can be magical. Keep an eye on the outside and please stop in to tell us what you've seen!