What's that Bird?

Been wondering what the little brown bird is? Or whether you had Baltimore AND Orchard Orioles this summer? Having a field guide at the ready is an easy way to learn more about the birds visiting your yard, seasonal differences and if you indeed have a rare species. (You can also snap a photo and come into the store for an ID -- we love that!) This year brought us orioles, buntings and Pine Siskins and we heard about a late Rufous Hummingbird in the area also (so exciting!)  When it comes to field guides there is an abundance of choices so we selected our FAVORITE 4 here.

Like binoculars, field guides are a matter of personal preference. We think these 4 hit all the marks for clear ID points and ease of use. Stop in and pick out your favorite -- a good field guide is an easy way to enjoy the birds a little... or a lot (!) more. Available in-store only.